Portal for insured members

You have to be connected to the Nestlé internal network (Local Area Nework or VPN) to access the link. This restriction is required in order to secure your documents and protect them from non-authorized access.

To access your personal documents, click here.


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Security information for intranet MyDocs@Pension

Your pension documents are stored in a secure database. Each file is encrypted with a secret key. We guarantee that no computer administrator or staff member of the Nestlé Group (internal / external) has access to your personal data and information content. Online access to your private information is strictly authorized to yourself and selected employees of the Nestlé Pension Fund.

The documents must be viewed online. Any backup document in paper or stored outside this frame is at your own risk.

The Pension Fund Nestlé disclaims any liability for damages relating to data protection, arising from improper handling, download, backup or data transfer.