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Nestlé pension benefits in Switzerland

The Fonds de Pensions Nestlé is a foundation based in Vevey (Switzerland) whose purpose is to provide retirement, disability or death benefits to employees of Nestlé companies in Switzerland or their survivors. Its membership currently consists of round 8’800 active insured members and over 5’800 pension beneficiaries.

Since 2013, the Nestlé occupational pension scheme has been organized according to the defined contribution principle. The benefits offered by the Fonds de Pensions Nestlé to its insured members exceed the minimum benefits provided by the Swiss Federal Law on Occupational Retirement, Survivors’ and Disability Pension Plans (LOB). The Fonds de Pensions Nestlé independently covers the risks of old age, death and disability.

The Fonds de Pensions Nestlé team is composed of 15 employees.


Beneficiaries in the event of death

The Fonds de Pensions Nestlé offers the possibility to people living together since 5 years minimum or having a common child to record the partner in the same way as spouse.

If you wish so, please complete and return the form Designation of beneficiaries in the event of death – Surviving partner.

You will also find more information under FAQ.