The Fonds de Pensions Nestlé administers two different pension plans. Please select your pension plan in order to access the appropriate content. This selection will continue to apply for the rest of your visit to the site.

Information regarding Centre Based Expatriates (CBEs) which are part of the Expatriate Pension Scheme (EPS) are not part of this website. CBEs should contact the fund’s administration for any pension related requests.

Savings plan (New Plan)

This pension plan is for members affiliated to The Fonds de Pensions Nestlé after 1st July 2013. All members born after 1st January 1959 or later are affiliated to this pension scheme.

Pension objective plan (Old plan)

This pension scheme is closed to new entrants since 1st of July 2013 and is exclusively made of members affiliated to The Fonds de Pension Nestlé before that date and born before 1st January 1959.