Old Age and Survivors’ Insurance – OASI/AVS

When a member takes an early retirement, the contributions to the Fonds de Pensions Nestlé and to unemployment insurance shall cease. This does not apply to AVS.


  • Obligation to contribute until ordinary retirement age 
    • All people living in Switzerland who do not receive a salary (i.e. are not in paid employment), are still obliged to make contributions to AVS, disability insurance and loss-of-income insurance until ordinary retirement age (64 for women, 65 for men). This applies to :

    • People who have taken early retirement, even if they are receiving an AVS pension or a pension from a pension fund,

    • Spouses of retired persons who are younger than ordinary retirement age,

    • Beneficiaries of disability pensions
    • Widows and widowers.

Persons not in paid employment must register with the social security office of their municipal residence or with the compensation fund office of the Nestlé Group, Albicolac, Berne.

  • Obligation to contribute when in paid employement after ordinary retirement age

    Persons who are in paid employment after having reached the ordinary retirement age shall continue to make contributions to AVS, disability insurance and loss-of-income insurance. Contributions to unemployment insurance shall cease. The compensation fund office Albicolac provides further information.

Statement individual account

A statement of the individual account can be requested in writing from your previous compensation fund office or on the website www.ahv.iv.info.

Request for AVS pension

It is recommended to submit the pension request roughly four months before the legal age of retirement (64 years for women, 65 years for men). The pension request forms can be obtained from compensation fund office Albicolac.

Contact Albicolac

AVS Compensation Fund Albicolac
P.O. Box 5062
CH-3001 Berne

Phone number : +41 (0)31 300 20 60
Fax : +41 (0)31 300 20 66
Email : info@albicolac.ch
Web : www.albicolac.ch


Accident insurance

At the end of the professional activity, the obligatory accident insurance shall cease. All future retirees should contact their health insurance provider in order to include the cover for medical expenses in the case of accident; this will involve an increase in premium.


Nestlé associations

Pensioners may become members of an association in order to take part in specific activities or share common interests. Several such associations have been set up at Nestlé for this purpose :

  • Association Sports et Loisirs Nestlé (ASLN), Vevey
  • Association de Retraités Nestlé (ARN), Vevey
  • Nestlé Retirees Association*, Orbe
  • Nestlé Retirees Association*, Broc
  • Nestlé Retirees Association*, Konolfingen
  • Nestlé Retirees Association*, Zurich Region
  • Meeting Group*, Bâle
  • Meeting Group*, Rorschach

*For more information, please contact the Human Resources department of the respective Nestlé companies.